Case Study - Fyffes

The multi-award wining content marketing agency 256content approached us to create a series of videos for one of their clients: Fyffes Bananas.

We have a long lasting relationship with this agency and they knew we were the perfect fit for this particular project. We collaborated from day one with their Creative Director to developing a winning solution.


Fyffes is the number one importer of bananas and the leading marketer of organic and Fairtrade bananas to Europe.

As part of the Fyffes brand, they have developed an exercise programme called Fyffes Fit Squad. This programme travels to schools all over the country and is inclusive, engaging and educational, suitable for all ages from 6 years+. Fyffes aim is to provide children of all ages with the chance to increase their physical activity in a unique way. To date, 17,000 children all across Ireland have taken part in our schools and clubs.

Due to the recent measures that Government have implemented with the closure of schools nationwide, Fyffes needed an online solution that could deliver their exercise programme to children in their homes.


Utilizing our in-house production studio, we were able to mitigate the risk of exposure to Covid-19 by placing signage around the studio, social distancing, regular and thorough hand-washing, as well as limiting the people involved to a maximum of four – this included two crew members, one client representative and one exercise instructor.

Fyffes original idea was to place Fyffes branded banners behind the exercise instructor, however using our extensive production experience we recommended using our greenscreen setup as this would provide a larger workout space for the instructor and the most flexibility during post-production.

We filmed three different introductions, a generic intro that highlights what Fyffes Fit Squad is all about, one for Teachers to share with their students, and one optimised for Fyffes Ireland Facebook Banner using a custom aspect ratio of 1200x625.

For the exercise sessions, we filmed six sessions that contained two separate blocks of exercises. This meant in post-production that we could produce multiple session combinations that wold allow Fyffes to broadcast their videos for multiple weeks. Our efficiency and time management was key in order to make the most of the production day and remain within budget.


x3 Introductions

  • Generic for public
  • Teacher and Parents
  • Facebook Banner with custom aspect ratio

x10 Exercise Sessions

  • Two parts per session with 60 second break
  • One session per day for five days

fyffes intros

Daily Sessions